Configuring your Modem for Bridge Mode
Photo by Aleksandr Barsukov / Unsplash

Bridge Mode on an ISP-owned modem (e.g., Fiber modem, Cable Modem, DSL modem) etc. basically turns the device into a dumb device. Most modern modems today come packaged with routing,firewall, and wireless capabilities.

When you're using Sovereign Stack, you want to turn all that extra stuff off and convert your "router" into a dumb modem. The responsibility of the ISP modem then is the provide an uplink to the Internet, and ultimately, a DHCP address to the firewall WAN interface. This will be your public IP address that all your public domain A records will resolve to.

Configuring a AT&T Fiber Modem for Bridge Mode

INSTRUCTOINS/screenshots. AT&T calls this feature "IP Passthrough" mode.

Configuring a Xfinity router for Bridge Modem


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