Nostr Notes
Photo by Nick Morrison / Unsplash

Ideas for Sovereign Stack:

1) would be fun to have nginx attest to NOSTR channels like NIP-05? Not sure if this is a thing.

Nostr Project list

Best Web Clients

From my perspective on Sovereign Stack, I want to use a URI so that the user's preferred NOSTR client opens, OR have public commenting embedded on the page itself (PREFERRED). Consult for how they have implemented their public commenting feature.

For Public telegram-like Chat Rooms use and provision to a new channel.

For Twittter-like experience in the web.

Command Line Clients


noscl is a command line tool for connecting to relays, managing your identity, and publishing message to said relays.


  noscl home
  noscl setprivate <key>
  noscl public
  noscl publish [--reference=<id>...] [--profile=<id>...] <content>
  noscl message [--reference=<id>...] <id> <content>
  noscl metadata --name=<name> [--about=<about>] [--picture=<picture>]
  noscl profile <key>
  noscl follow <key> [--name=<name>]
  noscl unfollow <key>
  noscl event <id>
  noscl share-contacts
  noscl key-gen
  noscl relay
  noscl relay add <url>
  noscl relay remove <url>
  noscl relay recommend <url>


websocat is a WSS-specific tool that can tail events on a remote Nostr wss endpoint:

echo '["REQ","tail",{"limit":0}]' | websocat -n wss:// 


Websocket client for nostr relay scripting