As the name implies, thess-update command brings your deployments up to the latest version of Sovereign Stack.

ss-updateis a bash alias for This script performs the following steps:

  1. Switch the code base to the version of Sovereign Stack that is documented on the remote endpoint under /home/ubuntu/.ss-githead. That way the backup and down scripts target the deployed version of Sovereign Stack.
  2. Runs ss-deploy to grab the latest backup and store it in your SSME. It uses the --stop flag to ensure services ARE NOT brought back online. This especially includes the BTC Pay Server and core lightning node.
  3. Remote VMs are stoped and deleted. By default all user data is persisted in filesystem-based ZFS storage volume.
  4. Switch the code base to the most current Sovereign Stack.
  5. Deploy fresh VMs using the latest code. User data is mounted into the new VMs based on the fresh codebase.
  6. Start services.
Idea: Create a ss-migrate scripts which takes a source and target remote and a source and target project. This would allow you to migrate your websites and node to a different remote (e.g., a new server on a different continent).

Doing things this way is more akin to an immutable infrastructure approach to provisioning.

That's it! All your websites and bitcoin node have been migrated to the latest version of Sovereign Stack and all your services are back online. Sweet!

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