Use Cases
Photo by Sajad Nori / Unsplash

A fully deployed Sovereign Stack network allows you to realize the following Use Cases (not exhaustive).

Bitcoin Full Node Operation

Sovereign Stack deploys BTCPay Server by default. This software includes a Bitcoin full node and a host of web front-ends for creating cool bitcoin-integrated websites.

Right now, Sovereign Stack uses FastSync to deploy the node, but a final version will disable that. Sovereign Stack code is designed to deploy the latest version of BTCPay Server as well as perform backups and migrations of user data. Sovereign Stack orchestrates the process by turning off services and performing non-invasive backups of user data. This approach allows for automated infrastructure upgrades simply by running the script.

Bitcoin/Lightning Remote Control

Wireguard tunnels can be established for trusted devices (e.g., smartphone) needing network access to one or more services on your network (e.g., lightning RPC).‌

Wireguard encrypts all your traffic, but you should know that traffic metadata can be collected by intermediate network devices (e.g., ISP routers). If you're concerned about that, you should use onion endpoints instead!

Sovereign Stack allows you to deploy and manage a Bitcoin full node and expose its services on the network. These services can be accessible to either internal/private clients, or can be exposed to the general public.


Anyone wanting to start a Bitcoin-based business can use Sovereign Stack to deploy a fresh website with all the necessary invoicing functionality available to you. Simply import your XPUB into the BTCPay Server admin interface and have payments delivered to the line of accounting of your choice. If you want to invoice manually, simply copy the invoice URL and provide it to your counterparty out-of-band (e.g., Signal Message).

Public Messaging Infrastructure

Sovereign Stack can deploy Nostr relays under each domain you deploy.

Moving forward, the plan is to push logging output to one or more Nostr Relays, so all you will need is some Nostr client on your trusted devices. Various nostr clients will be evaluated for interfacing with logging data.

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