Implement Cache Stack

One of the design principles of Sovereign Stack is to cache data early and often. If a request can be satisfied through a caching mechanism, then it will be. This improves performance and it also gives you better privacy since you're not making requests to wider internet.

But you could also have a dedicated device on the SERVERS VLAN which is responsible for hosting cached docker images, Incus images, an apt and HTTP cache, etc. This set of network-based cache mechanisms can be deployed using a script. This is called Cache Stack. Example uses include

1. Docker registry image pull-through cache

2. Docker registry for hosting images that have been built.

2. Incus image cache

3. http proxy/apt-cache (squid)? NG

  1. NFS mounts. CLN node deployments can be configured to save lightning state to this NFS share. Once the NFS file share is updated, encrypted backups can be created then saved to some distributed S3 type of solution (prefer lightning payments/api).