Old City Bitcoiners is a Bitcoin-only meetup in St. Augustine, Florida. One of the objectives of the website is to minimize the reliance on meetup.com by using the features provided in Sovereign Stack.

Did you know that Sovereign Stack was originally created to create a website for Old City Bitcoiners? It's true!


The public-facing website is provided by Ghost and the design is the Firma Theme. Several modifications were made to the theme including adding Social Links. Posts are tagged with useful information like location, meetup type, sponsorships, etc. This allows you to view cross-sections of all the posts on the site.

The default behavior of site is to respect your system's dark-mode settings.

The logo is provided by DarkSquare Design, a local design firm accepting on-chain Bitcoin payments! Nice!


If you're interested in staying informed of new posts, you can subscribe to our main RSS feed. RSS keeps the user in control. It also makes it so the website administrator doesn't have to collect any PII such as names and/or email addresses.

Sovereign Stack sites DO NOT support email!


Nostr Relay

Old City Bitcoiners has deployed a relay at wss://relay.oldcity-bitcoiners.info. Verified members of Old City Bitcoiners have the option to use this is a relay since it is a whitelisted configuration.

At this time, this relay is NOT available to the general public. (Not an open relay)

NIP-05 Compliance

Sovereign Stack allows you to make a domain name NIP-05 compliant. By specifying your nostr pubkey, you can have your Sovereign Stack website attest to your nostr identity. The result is you get a blue checkmark in your nostr client:


The Old City Bitcoiners website leverages BTCPay Server to accept bitcoin. These funds help offset the operational costs of running the meetup. Lightning payments are the only option available to users. I no longer share Bitcoin receiving addresses with the general public due to their on-chain doxicity. Everything is Lightning only, and all donations apply to the monthly crowdfunding goals.


Check out the site today! It's a great case study for monetizing a Bitcoin meetup!

If you really appreciate the Old City Bitcoiner website, go donate to the monthly crowdfund. Support your local Bitcoin-only meetups!