Sovereign Stack Users
Photo by charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

System Owner

The System Owner is the individual who downloads the Sovereign Stack code onto their machine and deploys websites to hardware they exclusively control. The System Owner often wants to expose services to the wider internet. But you can also keep websites private, giving access only to trusted clients, e.g., IP subnets, trusted Wireguard endpoints, etc..

The System Owner often has physical control over a small home or office network. Each data center looks something like the following:

Trusted Mobile User

Defined as a trusted smartphone or laptop user who has been issued a Wireguard profile for connecting back to a data center. Trusted Mobile Users MAY be granted access to one or more management interfaces (i.e., SSH, LXD).

Typically mobile users are interested in accessing trusted services such as a remote lightning app controlling your node. We plan to integrate those wallets using Commando protocol compatible with core lightning.

Public Website User

In many cases you will want to expose your websites to the public Internet. Unknown people out on the Internet who access your public websites are known as "Public Website Users" and access the website endpoints via the data plane.

The objective with these users is to provide snappy website access and make it EASY and CHEAP for them to pay you in any amount. Thus, Lightning is NECESSARY for various payment workflows. BTC on-chain is slow to settle and is better for larger B-to-B transactions such as paying suppliers, or any application where eventual final settlement is acceptable.

Several advanced techniques are used to ensure the website is performant including reverse-proxy caching and efficient container routing.