Understanding Users

System Owner

The System Owner is the individual who downloads the Sovereign Stack code onto their machine and deploys websites to hardware they control. This hardware can exist in multiple geographically distant data centers.

Trusted Mobile User

A Trusted Mobile User is a smartphone or laptop that has been issued a Wireguard profile for connecting back to one or more data center locations. Trusted Mobile Users typically access restricted Sovereign Stack services (e.g., as administrative interfaces or semi-trusted management interfaces like the core lightning native websocket interface.

Local Website Users

Deploying a bitcoin-native intranet website is definitely a valid use case. For example, let's say you are a restaurant owner and you want to make your Bitcoin-native website accessible to clients connecting from your WiFi network (and only your WiFi network). This could include servers or waiting staff taking customer orders. In the example Satoshi Spirits website, customers can submit orders as well.

Public Website User

In many cases, you will want to expose your websites to anonymous Internet users. These are known as "Public Website Users".

For these users the objective is to provide snappy website access and make it EASY and CHEAP for one to pay you in any amount. Lightning is NECESSARY to achieve this; no one wants to wait 10-60 minutes for a sub-cent transaction to go through on base-layer Bitcoin.

On-chain Bitcoin is slow to settle and is best for larger/ B-to-B transactions such as paying trusted suppliers or to open Lightning channels, or any application where eventual final settlement is acceptable. DO NOT disclose on-chain addresses unless you trust your counterparty to create UTXOs larger than the dust limit!