Update Sovereign Stack

First, did you know that Gitea–the software used to host the Sovereign Stack git repo, exposes an RSS feed? You should subscribe to the feed if you're interested in updates to the Sovereign Stack code base.

The code is still in ALPHA, which means large backwards-incompatible updates to the codebase may be applied. This software should be used for TESTING and/or DEVELOPMENT at this time. That is, unless you're #reckless.

Ok, RSS feed reader informed you of some important updates to the Sovereign stack codebase. Typically this means a GPG-signed git tag has been applied to the main branch. Sovereign Stack relies exclusively on signed git tags for versioning.

The first thing you should do is go to the main Sovereign Stack git repo on your management machine. Then typegit pull --recurse-submodules. This will pull the latest git commits from git.sovereign-stack.org.

Great! You have new code! Always remember to verify new commits / tags! This is IMPORTANT every time you pull down new updates!

Just because you've updated the code on your management machine DOES NOT mean your existing deployments have been upgraded to that version! You will need to run ss-down and ss-up for the changes to take effect.