is the first-of-its-kind (I think?) Value4Value multi-author blog based on BOLT12 Prisms. BOLT12 is pretty new and not widely adopted yet, but I wanted to build on top of BOLT12 since it's the hot new thing.

At the same time, I was working with a meetup friend from the Rocket City Bitcoiners. We were trying to create a multi-author blog using BTCPay Server, but got stuck. I wasn't satisfied with the payment and accounting flow, and the BTCPay Server Prism implementation only supported LNURL.

To address these challenges, we set out to devise a solution which we call BOLT12 Prisms. is the result of that effort.

What all is required to get this to work? Well, Sovereign Stack integrates LNPlay that deploys a docker stack runing bitcoind, and one or more CLN nodes ready to listen on the websocket interface, among other things.

The above repo deploys the Clams as the primary user interface (other than CLI). Clams is configured to connect directly to the CLN nodes using the exposed websocket interface. And since Clams added direct links, we can provide end-users a single link (which can be printed out as a QR code) that, once accessed, takes them directly to their node.

Want to know about Lightning Prisms based on BOLT12? If so, visit And consider tipping their prisms.