Once you're in the SSME, run ss-help to see what commands are available:

ubuntu@ss-mgmt:~$ ss-help

You are in the Sovereign Stack Management Environment (SSME). From here, you can issue several commands:

    ss-remote  - Take a remote SSH endpoint under management of Sovereign Stack.
    ss-deploy  - Creates a deployment to your active LXD remote.
    ss-destroy - Destroys the active deployment (WARNING: destructive).
    ss-update  - brings an existing deployment up to the newest version of Sovereign Stack.
    ss-reset   - The opposite of ss-remote; deprovisions on the remote.
    ss-show    - show the lxd resources associated with the current remote.

For more infomation about all these topics, consult the Sovereign Stack website. Relevant posts include:


The following sections cover these commands in greater detail starting with ss-remote.